12-18 Months Old Toddlers
Our Toddlers spend their days engaged in activities that promote learning and discovery. Whether it’s walking up the playscape or sliding down the slide on the playground, stacking building blocks, or playing with their favorite age-appropriate toy, your child will learn as they discover and explore. Our Toddler classroom is designed with different areas with special purposes and experiences. You will see our teachers “down on the floor” interacting with your child. At A New Day Child Development Center, we consistently listen and talk with the children by encouraging their emotional and language development.


2 Year Old
Our Two-year-olds like to be independent! Children at this age are curious about the world around them – a great deal of their day is spent exploring, pushing, pulling, and filling, dumping, and touching. Your child will be encouraged to try new ideas and explore their surroundings – while learning about their world and being introduced to numbers, letters, shapes, and colors with the guidance of our experienced teachers. Our two year olds build skills and confidence through games, songs, art, music and movement as our experienced teachers provide an outlet for their creative expression. Your child will participate in daily small group instruction which promotes skills development. Here at A New Day Child Development Center, we provide the perfect balance of learning, nurturing and playtime!



3 Year Olds
Curious, Energetic and Imaginative are just a few words to describe our 3 year olds! To help direct that energy, you will find our classrooms full of literature, arts, math, sensory, creative art, dramatic play, music and movement, as well as, outdoor activity each and every day! We provide hands-on activities and independent creative play to allow your child to develop at their own pace. Your child will enjoy working on recognizing the alphabet and the phonetic sounds the letters make with fun characters and music – they love it! You will see your child build friendships, develop problem solving skills, and create a wonderful imagination during these very important years!



Pre-K 4-5 Year Old
Cheerful, energetic, and enthusiastic probably describes your Pre-K child. Pre-K is an important time for children as they prepare for Kindergarten and continue their love of learning. Our experienced teachers are dedicated to providing a rich, nurturing environment that will prepare your child for Kindergarten. Writing, vocabulary building, and letter sounds are just a few things your child will experience with our program. Math and science concepts taught will include one-to-one correspondence, patterns and relationships, measurement and time. Your Pre-K child will experience creative art through painting, drawing, gluing, cutting, and collage. And don’t forget Music – the universal language! Here at A New Day Child Development Center, your child will enjoy singing, dancing, movement, and playing musical instruments.