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  • HALLOWEEN PARTY Tues., 10/31/17
  • 2017-2018 SCHOOL PICTURES 10/12/17


Tuition must be paid in one of the following ways:

  • Paid in full on the first of each month.
  • Pay in full on the first of each month by leaving a post-dated check for each Friday of the month.
  • Set up a Quick Pay option through your bank to be paid each Friday of the month.

Payments will need to be sent to


It is SO IMPORTANT for your child to arrive on time to ensure your child’s participation in all classroom activities.

With the weather changing soon teachers will start teaching the curriculum  promptly at 8:30 a.m each morning and play time will follow after the lessons are done for the day.  Children who are not arriving on time will be missing out on the most important part of the day and may not be able to start or finish any art projects that have already been completed.    Also, when children enter the classroom after 8:30 a.m., it is disruptive to students and teachers who are already engaged in lessons

This Month’s Themes

People Who Help:

The people who work and live in our community are important. The children will learn about community helpers, explore their own neighborhoods, and learn what it means to belong to a community. They’ll also learn what it means to be a responsible citizen by making their communities better. Experience the goodness that comes from listening to others and helping people. Fire Prevention Week will also be covered.

Night Creatures:

Some animals are busy at night while the rest of the world sleeps. Bats, owls, raccoons, and cats are just a few of the nocturnal creatures featured in this fun fall theme.

Activities for Home

  • Prepare an escape route for your family. Plan to meet in a designated area outside. Make sure that it is a safe distance away from your home. Practice your fire drills occasionally throughout the year.
  • Designate reasonable jobs for your child to do at home, such as sweeping the floor, setting the table, or putting toys away. Away from home, encourage your child to clean up trash left behind by others and to hold a door open for someone. Your child will learn that it feels good to be helpful.
  • Name animals living in your area and discuss if they are nocturnal. If your family has pets, discuss if they are nocturnal also. What animal sounds do you hear at night? Imitate those sounds.
  • The next time your child is engaged in pretend play, appreciate the moment! Valuable learning is taking place when a child is rocking her doll to sleep or pretending to be a space alien. Imaginary play helps sharpen social skills, builds memory, develops creativity, and provides an outlet for stress.

The best way to learn which books your child enjoys is to read children’s books — lots of them! Get to know your local librarians and ask for their recommendations as well. Spend some time getting to know the best in children’s books, both old and new, and help start your child on a lifelong love of reading! Here are a few books to get you started.


A Day in the Life of a Dentist by Heather Adamson

My Neighborhood by Lisa Bullard

We Need Police Officers by Lola Schaefer

Trashy Town by Andrea Zimmerman

Stellaluna by Janell Cannon

Where Are the Night Animals? by Mary Ann Fraser

Nighttime by Alastair Smith

Nocturnal Animals by John Bonnett Wexo



Itsy Bitsy Spider The itsy, bitsy spider Went up the waterspout.

Down came the rain And washed the spider out.

Out came the sun And dried up all the rain.

And the itsy, bitsy spider Went up the spout again.


At Night Sung to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”

At night when we are fast asleep,

Wiggly spiders crawl and creep.

Weaving webs to catch a treat,

Like juicy flies they like to eat.

At night when we are fast asleep,

Wiggly spiders crawl and creep.

At night when we are fast asleep,

Cats prowl round on quiet feet.

Their glowing eyes reflect the light.

And help them see quite well at night.

At night when we are fast asleep,

Cats prowl round on quiet feet.

People Who Help Sung to “Did You Ever See a Lassie?”

Did you ever meet a doctor, a doctor, a doctor?

Did you ever meet a doctor? Oh, how does she help?

When you’re feeling sickly, She helps you heal quickly.

Did you ever meet a doctor who helps you get well?

Did you ever meet a firefighter, a firefighter, a firefighter?

Did you ever meet a firefighter? Oh, how does he help?

When fires get hotter, He sprays lots of water.

Did you ever meet a firefighter who puts out a fire?

Did you ever meet a builder, a builder, a builder?

Did you ever meet a builder? Oh, how does she help?

She hammers and saws wood; Her buildings look so good!

Did you ever meet a builder who builds with her tools?


Sarah S. 4 years on 10/2

Cameron T. 4 yrs. on 10/10 

Reese M. 5 years on 10/11

Amelia & Monique B. 3 yrs. on 10/16

Crew K. 3 yrs. on 10/16

Creed R. 4 yrs. on 10/18

Austin Mc. 5 yrs. on 10/22

Zachary G. 4 yrs. on 10/26


Children enjoy celebrating their birthdays with friends at school. You may celebrate your child’s birthday during the afternoon snack time on a day that is prearranged with the school. Parents are asked to send the invitations at least one week in advance so that the other parents have a whole week to shop for a gift. Parents are in charge of all party preparations.  We ask that you keep it simple by serving a cake & drinks.  You may send special treat bags for the class to take home as well. Parents must attend and help the teacher with their child’s birthday celebration. If you are planning a party for your child outside of school and do not intend to invite the whole class, invitations must be mailed to the individual student’s home.


Before you pack your child’s lunch for the day, please take a minute to make sure you’re packing the right portion sizes of food. Food should be packed in containers for each child to experience success in taking off the lids and opening any baggies.  Our goal is for teachers to be sitting and eating with the children during all meals, assisting as necessary and providing a positive, warm experience with conversation and social skills being practiced and developed.  Using a container such as the one shown above will allow each child to easily take out and start eating with very little assistance. Please be sure that all your child containers including their water bottles are labeled and placed in their own lunch box each day.

All meat and fruit should be cut in small child bite size pieces, ORANGES PEELED & APPLES SLICED, food PACKAGES opened and placed in a container that is accessible for your child to open…  (Staff will assist younger children as needed.)


Snacks should be placed in their lunch box separate from their lunch container.  

A New Day CDC will provide your child  with  juice that has been diluted with water to drink with their lunch daily.  PLEASE BE SURE TO SEND YOUR CHILD A SPILL-PROOF WATER BOTTLE PLACED  in your child’s lunch box each day.


Suggested lunch items include but are not limited to:

Finger Sandwiches, PBJ, Ham & Cheese, Tuna/Chicken Salad, Grilled Cheese, Cheese Tortillas Wraps with Cream Cheese, Hot Dogs, Bagels with Cream Cheese, Ham & Cheese, Vegetables, Chicken, Yogurt, alone or with Fruit, String Cheese, Apple Sauce, Crackers, alone or with Cheese or Peanut Butter, Raw Vegetables; Carrots/Celery Sticks, Broccoli, Cauliflower with or without Ranch, Dressing or Peanut Butter for dipping

Fruit: Sliced Grapes, Bananas, Strawberries, Peeled Oranges/Apple Sliced Wedges, Kiwi, Peaches, and Mangos

Protein bars, Apple Sauce, Raisins, Cranberries, Apricots, Prunes (or other dried fruit)

Please DO NOT send soda pop, popcorn or candy…  Snacks such as sweets, soft drinks, potato chips, candy, cakes, cookies and fruit juices with less than 100% real fruit juice are not considered to have any nutritional value.


With the weather changing please check your child’s cubby to make  sure that they have a change of clothes that is appropriate for weather.



We have scheduled the Pre K Pumpkin Party Field Trip to Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls for children in Mrs. Gayle & Ms. Abby’s classes.  The field trip will be on Tuesday, October 17th @ 9:00 am. Please be sure to have your child here NO LATER THAN 7:30 AM THAT MORNING.  We will be leaving the school no later than 8:00 am to meet our tour guide by 9:00 am.   With more children enrolled now, we could sure use more parent volunteers.  All parents are encouraged to come along and your help is always appreciated.  If you are able to come along and help transport please let me know ASAP.  Cost is $5.75 per child.  We will be having lunch at the farm so you will need to pack your child a sack lunch with a sandwich and a drink. Please pack them in sandwich bags that are DISPOSABLE…

Below are a few guidelines and suggestions from Sweet Berry Farms:

  • Your appointment time is the time of your first activity.  We ask you to plan your arrival time 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time (large groups need to allow more time) This will allow time to check-in, pay, unload children, restroom break etc.
  • If you are late in arriving, it may be impossible to take the complete tour.  We will try our best, but we cannot interfere with other schools that have arrived on time.
  • The group coordinator must check in at counter upon arrival, please do so before children are unloaded from buses or vans. The coordinator must collect all fees from students and parents) before arriving and pay cashier at time of check in.  We cannot have parents paying individually, as it will take time away from your tour.  Your group will be divided into classes, in order to operate on a rotational basis.
  • Parking:  When you drive into the parking lot, as you face the welcome barn, the open grass field in front to the left (adjacent to the potties)  is the area where we need everyone to gather.  Your tour guide will meet you there.  The Busses will park parallel to the Strawberry rows to your left, there will be yellow signs saying ‘Tour Bus Parking’.
    Please have each class line up with their parents and siblings.
  • We accept cash only.
  • Pre K field trips will take 45 mins to 1 hour, Harvest Party field trips will last 1 hour 30 mins to 1 hour 45 mins,  this does not include snack or lunch time. Please have lunches in a secure container such as a ice chest. It is recommended all food items be left in vehicles until it is time to eat.  Smaller groups may take less time.
  • You may have a snack, or lunch, either before or after your tour trip, this should be decided at registration booking. Picnic areas and port-a-cans are available.
  • Please bring antibacterial hand wipes for your class to use, Hand sanitizer is available.
  • We suggest that you wear closed toed shoes and comfortable clothing.  A sweater or light jacket might be in order.
  • Bring containers to carry pumpkins and other items collected on the field trip home (Back Packs work well).
  • Cancellations:  Cancellations are possible up to two weeks before scheduled trip.  Cancellations need to be person to person, messages left on voice mail are not acceptable. “No-Shows”  will result in the school being billed as if the trip took place.  Further visits from that school will have to be paid for in advance.
  • In case of rain,  Sweet Berry Farm will make any cancellation decisions the morning of the trip.  Please call that morning if your have questions.


This year’s school pictures will be taken by Karen Bruett Photography. Karen will be coming on Thursday, October 12, 2017 starting at 8:30 in the morning.

What to wear tips from the photographer:

  • Avoid large patterns and bold strips, logos or printed t-shirts, and super bright colors
  • Choose small prints/patterns, or solid colors
  • Select shoes that match the style and color of the outfit
  • Blues, greens, browns, beige, and greys can enhance or pull out eye colors
  • Reds, bright yellows, and oranges can compete with skin tones so try and avoid

Most important: NOTHING beats a genuine smile, so when in doubt, choose what makes your child happy and comfortable!


Package pricing is $35 and includes 1-8X10 print, 4-4X6 prints, and 8 wallets.  A private webpage will be created for A New Day CDC where you can select your photos, and place your order online.  Additional prints and other photo merchandise will also be available on line from


We will have our Halloween Party on Tuesday, Oct. 31st @ 3:30 pm.  Please be sure to sign up to bring one of the items listed on the Party Sign up Sheet.  Please send your child’s Halloween costume that morning and we will get them dressed for the party.

We apologize but due to the number of children enrolled, the party is limited to students only.  Thank you in advance for your understanding!


 We have set the date for our Christmas Program for Thursday, December 7, 2017 @ 6:00 PM.  It will be held at the Spicewood Vineyards.  Please mark your calendars for this special day.  We will send out an Evite with all the details.


Anderson Family Dental


If you are new to the area and looking for an amazing dentist please call Anderson Dental at 512-264-9977 and ask for my brother-in-law Dr. Charles Anderson

Located at: 22106 Hwy 71 West Spicewood, TX 78669

Hope Organic Salon & Spa


If you are looking for an awesome master hairstylist with years of experience please call Hope Organic Salon & Spa at 512-264-2112 and ask for my sister Hopie Anderson.


The highest compliment our parents can pay us is the referral of family or friends for childcare at our school.  The trust and confidence that you place in us each and every day means a great deal.  In appreciation of that trust and confidence, we are excited to share our Parent Referral Program once again.  You will receive $200 tuition credit for every new enrollment as a result of your referral. Each time a child is enrolled as a result of your recommendation to other parents, you will receive a $200 tuition credit after that child is enrolled for 4 weeks.


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